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Graham the Gargoyle 3: Ot's Ordeal
Graham the Gargoyle 3: Ot's Ordeal
Graham the Gargoyle Book 3
Published 24th December, 2013
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New Asgard offers Graham, Ot, and Flenn wonders and dangers alike. Hobnobbing with valkyries, minotaurs, changelings, and elves is a far cry from their once-isolated village life. Their role as emissaries is clear: they must be in the thick of things to keep the belief in gargoyles and trolls strong. Attending the Celestial Institute can do just that. Things are amiss at their new school. With several unlikely allies, they must unearth the secrets of the headmaster and thwart the schemes of a fresh batch of elven bullies. All answers seem to lie in the school's forbidden tower. But are they willing to sacrifice their most precious memories to make things right?

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