Randall Flood: Bring on The Magic74,128 words (complete!)
Tomb of Tomes: Irving Wishbutton 30 words written so far (about 0% complete)
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Irving Wishbutton 2: The Revision Ravine
Irving Wishbutton 2: The Revision Ravine
Irving Wishbutton Book 2
Published 27th April, 2014
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Irving and Roon brave the wilds outside of the Questing Academy as they seek to rescue her brother from Revision Ravine. Their adventure finds unlikely alliances forged with Druthers the wish dragon, along with Gnarl and his sharp-edged wife, Lady Edith. As the pair delve deeper into Revision Ravine, they learn more than they bargain for about Dean Harmstrike's sinister reach and his foul plans. Can Roon and Irving escape the Machine and the dark hold the ravine has on trespassers? Find out in the second book of the Irving Wishbutton saga.

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