Randall Flood: Bring on The Magic74,128 words (complete!)
Tomb of Tomes: Irving Wishbutton 30 words written so far (about 0% complete)
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Chaos at the Door: Monsters In Boxers 1
Chaos at the Door: Monsters In Boxers 1
Monsters in Boxers
Published 1st March, 2015
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Time and space about to crash in on itself thanks to paradoxes galore? Check. An invasion of Earth by ghastly monsters? Most definitely. A super-baddie named Horde Lord? Absolutely. Four unsuspecting kids suddenly able to become super-powered monsters courtesy of high-tech boxers? You know it. Bullies, betrayals, and bombast? Of course we have the three B's. The Monsters in Boxers series is a rowdy mash-up of monsters, time travel, and magical undergarments thatís filled with action and wit.

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