Randall Flood: Bring on The Magic74,128 words (complete!)
Tomb of Tomes: Irving Wishbutton 30 words written so far (about 0% complete)
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Flame and Fortune
Flame and Fortune
Published 10th October, 2012
FLAME AND FORTUNE is a spry fantasy featuring a combustive fire elemental, a hapless were-elf, and a willful will-o’-wisp on a quest to retrieve a lost mortal. Hot-headed Flame is too loud and flashy for his own good, while poor Fenris Fortune is a young elf burdened by a werewolf's curse. Each flee their unsettled lives and meet on the road, where they find a shared knack for hunting down mortal children that have strayed into the Shattered Realm. When the pair are joined by the strong-minded will-o’-wisp, Maleeka, the trio finds themselves battling a sinister foe who threatens to unravel their very reality. Their adventure take them from Seeker’s Sanctuary, the capital city where everybody and their nephew has a statue erected for themselves no matter how trivial their heroic deed, to a fantastic endgame at the besieged outpost of Grimhold.

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