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Posted on November 26, 2017

As you go on the hunt for Christmas gifts this year, think about supporting an indy writer, namely me. All 21 of my novels are available as e-books with six available in print and orderable through Amazon. Here now is my spiel for each print book. Surely one or more will tickle your fancy or that of a niece or nephew who loves delicious science fiction and fantasy.

Here Is Where I . . . Wield a Really Big Sword

This fantasy tosses a supporting character into the hero role and details the fun and mayhem that ensues. Here Is Where I features one of my strongest cast of characters and is worth the price of admission for the inventive chapter titles alone. Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will appreciate the snarky crew I've assembled.

The Powers That Flee

I always reveal a little of myself in each novel as many of my main characters are variations of the geeky outsider or social outcast. This send-up of the eighties probably is my most autobiographical outing yet. I never had superpowers in high school and can definitely attest to not having to fight Izod alligators brought to life in an outlet store, but much of the teen angst was drawn from my own pubescent trials and tribulations. Fans of Back to the Future and Dial H for Hero will love this quirky tale.

Fractured and Unearthed

This collaboration with Keith Robinson is one of the most unique author team-ups you're going to find. We wrote alternating chapters of two different characters that cross paths halfway through the book. Their meeting triggers a critical shift in both their worlds and sets them on a path to becoming heroes in settings that are new to them. My character starts out in a fantasy world where spirits tether to people to execute tasks like demolition, healing, and hunting. Keith's lead begins in a science fiction world where citizens are expected to receive a tech implant and work machines tailored to their aptitudes for the greater good. Separating these two worlds is a ruthless wasteland that both Kyle and Logan must cross if they have any hope of saving their respective worlds and families. This two-book series was a joy to write and it shows in just how seamless and engaging both novels read. It sometimes scared Keith and I how much we were in sync during the production of the volumes. This series gets the most requests to be turned into a movie of all the projects I've done.

We Kill Humans

This is my most intense science fiction series outside of the Turncoats zombie series. Two teenagers are mutated by a mysterious bioweapon released by the alien ships hovering in our atmosphere. While many are transformed into killing machines with the implanted directive to wipe the humanity unaffected by the gas from the planet, a rare few are only partially changed and retain their humanity alongside frightening powers. These Offshoots must band together with what's left of the human race and launch a strike against the mysterious invaders who are content to stay walled off in their ships and let mankind bring about their own end. I am very happy with the action and peril in this series.

Ghost Coast

Another eighties tribute novel, Ghost Coast is an emotional read that deals with loss and memories. It has been receiving praise for being a different kind of ghost story. Taking place in Ocean City, Maryland in the summer of 1988, this novel weaves multiple storylines with real finesse.

I hope you'll give one or more of these books a try this gift-giving season. Thanks in advance!


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