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Posted on February 13, 2013

Read this post to bear witness to heartfelt marketing. I really want to draw attention to a stony fellow you should welcome into your world.

I know I'm doing something right with Graham the Gargoyle. The first book was a simple story of heart and loss. It told the little gargoyle's tale of overcoming his fears in a focused manner, laying the groundwork for future volumes I didn't know I had in me.

I blame my classes, really.

Every year I read Graham the Gargoyle to them and they go crazy over it. They always ask me if I'm going to write a second one and for the longest time I said no.

Then an idea came to me for the second book a year ago. I dove deep into the premise and Graham 2: Flenn's Folly expanded the narrative to include two points of view, Graham's and his sister's. It also showed the characters there was a larger world outside of their village. And with that awareness of the bigger magical landscape a terrible threat came a calling. Its central themes dealt with lies and family bonds.

Well, as I work my way through Graham 3, I see yet another evolution taking place. Now, the narrative focus is spread out over three characters: Graham, Ot, and Flenn. They all have so much vitality to contribute to the story and each radiates a different perspective of hope and goodness. They stumble in their interactions with others, they make mistakes. They're the most human non-humans you'll ever meet.

Only now, their stage is much bigger than their former village. Placing them in the capital of Cascade, New Asgard, and at the realm's preeminent school, forces them to see the world in much bigger terms. The themes I see emerging already are staking one's claim and forging new friendships while maintaining old ones.

I am having a ball and can't wait for you to see how this third book builds upon the previous and sends my gargoyle into much more vexing and complex quandaries.

I even have the premise for next year's fourth volume and it involves affairs of the heart. Yes, even stony gargoyles can be smitten. Watch me turn that into a rousing adventure.

I would stack the Graham the Gargoyle series up against any of the fantasy series out there. It's nuanced and clever, heartbreaking and life-affirming, and it swings for the fences with verve and wit. Don't let the simple covers deter you from sampling this challenging fantasy. It really has a lot to offer all-ages and not just those who are perpetually ten years old at heart.

If you haven't hopped on board this series yet, the first book is only $0.99 and the second is $2.99. It'll be the best four bucks you've ever spent.

If you've read Graham 1 or 2 already, please spread the word and post reviews and such for the series. I would really appreciate it. Look for Graham 3 some time in late summer 2013.


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