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Posted on January 3, 2013

Okay, it appears my co-writer, the talented Keith Robinson, has plopped a Fractured post
on his site.

Time for me to spill the beans on this genius team-up!

What is Fractured In Ten Compartmentalized Reasons or Less

1.It's my first collaboration with another writer.
– Unless you count Thank You notes and Christmas letters with my wife.

2.It's written in the most equitable fashion I can think of.
– Keith writes a chapter with his character, I write one with my character. About three-fourths of the way through there's a chapter that is a meshing and mingling of our writing.

3.It's going to be free.
– Yep, saves us from splitting profits and each buying matching yachts! Say, that sounds cool! Why are we giving this sucker away again?

4.It's a parallel tale.
– Each can be read on their own, but when read in leapfrog fashion the story is busting at the seams with layered symbolism and metaphor. We promise you your Daily Allowance of synergy and paradox!

5.It's got luxurious sci-fi and vibrant fantasy.
– Hey you got your fantasy in my sci-fi or Hey, you got your sci-fi in my fantasy. Either way, it's the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of escapist literature.

6. It's an opportunity to say to Keith: I'm totally in your head, Robinson!
– I can't believe how easy the brainstorming has been. It's like we complete each other's thoughts. We are in synch! Not that either one of us has even been affiliated with a dated boy band. Wonder if he knows what I'm thinking about right now?

7.It's my most savage and serious work to date.
– If you don't count my zombie book of course. I'm sure Keith is relieved to hear this. I think he was expecting me to deliver my usual obsession with word play and puns. Nope. No, sir. Not going to do it. While this post has ample levity, I underwent surgery for this book and had my funny bone removed. Replaced it with a deep, brooding bone. It's an adjustment, but it's exciting to be flexing a whole other set of muscles and... err... bones.

8.It's got a cool title!
– Much better than Divided, Partialed or Fractioned. Not that math plays a part in this thing other than when we hashed out the chapter plot point breakdowns. Talk about higher level math! My head still hurts. I just know I have to keep each chapter between 1,100 and 2,000 words. So far, about 1,600 each for my first two chapter contributions.

9.It's giving me a chance to write with a Brit!
– I can't tell you how cool it is to team-up with a British writer. I've always been obsessed with British comic writers like Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. When I tell people about the book, I get to say how I'm working with a talented fellow from across the pond. They always look at me and comment how there's no pond near where I live and roll their eyes. It's priceless!

10.It's pushing me to be a better writer.
– My friendship with Keith over the past few years is the biggest reason why I am so prolific. Working with him, watching him develop such awesome books of his own, spurs me to keep creating. When you look at both of our increased outputs for this year, I think it's a rather infectious condition.

Look for weekly posts about different aspects of this unique project. I am really itching to tell you some of the parallel elements in our book, but will have to check with Keith as to how much I can divulge.


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