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Posted on July 12, 2017

Working on the back half of Ghost Coast and finding it so much fun to sprinkle in 80s references like I did in The Powers That Flee.

Here's one:

"I don't want her help. I'm asking you." It suddenly became clear that Laney needed this as much as I did. I wasn't going to take no for an answer. Misfits unite! I mean, look at The Goonies. If there's one thing to take away from a Spielberg film, it's that the odd, the trodden upon, needed to stick together. And Laney, she wouldn't come out and ever admit it, but she was a little out there, a little lost.

She slowed and spun about. A look of resignation played across her face. I imagined what must be running through her head. Look, my little cousin is in over his head and needs me. Hey, maybe going it alone when the supernatural comes a-knockin' isn't the best approach. Would anyone stop me if I wrung this little cretin's neck? She looked around at the passersby almost as if she were contemplating the third option.

Here's another:

Were there that many spirits hidden away in the pine forest? I pictured different variety of ghosts beyond the bog misers and Scribe. Maybe a boulder-shaped boogeyman or a ghoul made out of a swarm of insects. Why I was letting my imagination run wild and generate such monstrosities was beyond me. Own worst enemy. I was already dancing on the edge of full-tilt terror and didn't need my imaginings pushing me any farther. Why had I watched Creepshow a few weeks ago? I knew the insect ghost I thought up had to be inspired indirectly by the cockroach tale from that movie.


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