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Posted on July 18, 2013

As anyone who has read my novels will attest to, I like creating flora and fauna for my magical and alien worlds that have a basis in real science. Well, Flenn has to prove her innocence to the headmaster by showing her knowledge of certain plants found both on Earth and in Cascade.

A question that came up as I was having her share the seven samples she had on hand was: Does moss have roots?

A quick check showed mosses do not, that they have threadlike rhizoids that anchor them in place. Interesting. I sprinkled that in along with a detail about spore capsules to drop some awesome science onto my readers.

Of course, I also had to throw in the fantastic by describing a moss that Thor used to build a replica of a viking ship that actually floats. The moss was magical in case you couldn't guess.

I even titled one chapter: "Gathering Moss."

Who knew writing about moss could be so much fun?

I can't wait until readers find out what miscue moss does.

Comment by KEITH ROBINSON on THURSDAY, JULY 18, 2013...
Be sure to write into your story that moss grows on the south side of trees in the northern hemisphere (where it's cooler and more moist) and can be used for a sense of direction when you're lost. And that a rolling stone gathers no moss. Surely there's a pun in there somewhere?

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