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Posted on April 27, 2012

BEING a gargoyle with tiny wings, learning to fly is just the beginning of all too many of life's challenges.

It has been a year since Graham took his first flight and said goodbye to his grandfather. Even a trip to New Asgard isn't enough to take his mind off the anniversary of his grandfather's crossing over. Back home, his younger sister Flenn sneaks across to Earth using one of Graham's spell scrolls only to have her highly illegal trip found out by the bully Blord.

As Graham returns home, he learns from his hero escort, the Flying Mummy, that Cascade isn't as safe as it seems. When mortals stopped believing in magical and mythological creatures, myriad magical denizens faced extinction without belief fueling their existence. They banded together and migrated to the new dimensional home of Cascade, hoping believing in each other would keep them alive. But survival isn't guaranteed. If a species closes themselves off from others, they risk fading out of existence. This has the young gargoyle worried, both his people and the nearby troll village, home to his best friend Ot, keep to themselves.

When Flenn and Graham wind up at the troll village, they are shocked to find the trolls fading out of existence. Deeply disturbed the same fate awaits his own hermetic people, Graham and his sister defy convention and champion making changes. As they wrestle to convince the gargoyle council to take action, a deadly new complication arises. Gargoyles and woodland animals alike start popping up as statues. Soon, trolls do too and the troll council lays the blame squarely on Flenn and her overreaching plan to save them.

Can Graham and his sister capture the evil presence that is turning everyone to stone and ensure that neither magical race evaporates into thin air without outside belief? And what role do Blord and a fetching harpy play in their schemes? Find out in – GRAHAM THE GARGOYLE: FLENN'S FOLLY.


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