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Posted on October 14, 2016

So I've had two weeks of track out to write. Ten days of creative bliss. What do I have to show for it?

Lots of wonderful words!

I added 38,000 words to The Powers That Flee, my eighties teen superhero epic.

Basically take Stranger Things, mix it in with Dial H for Hero, sprinkle in a little Ready Player One, and you have my weird, nostalgia-fueled escapist fantasy heavily modeled after my own experiences as a comic book and sci-fi nerd in the 1980s.

While not exactly 4,000 words per day, it's pretty darn close. I'm at the halfway point in the book and about to execute a critical scene where Darin brings to life a bunch of Izod alligators (the book is irreverently witty and odd, folks) to save his close friend from the netherscourge. Thanks to a tight synopsis of the book, I know all the scenes I need to write. This is helping me get more written when I sit down to pound the keys.

With three more days to write next week, I plan on adding at least 10,000 more word to wind up at 57,000 words. I then hope to write the remaining 28,000 words in October and November, so December can be used to edit and revise. I'm aiming for 85,000 words simply because the book takes place in October 1985 and I like the idea of maybe hitting the same word count as the year of the setting. We'll see.

If it all shakes out well, The Powers That Flee should be published in January 2017.

So excited!

Hoping to do a blog post in the next month describing my positive experiences with working from a tight synopsis rather than flying by the seat of my pants like I usually do.


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