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Posted on December 29, 2015

My next two projects: We Kill Humans and Here is Where I ... are both firmly entrenched in the YA category.

We Kill Humans will be four books, and I plan on releasing a new volume every two years. It deals with an alien invasion where a large section of humanity has become changed by the aliens into turning against humanity and doing the aliens' dirty work for them. Our heroes are Offshoots, those who haven't fully transformed into inhuman killing machines. Maggie and Heath must bring humans and Offshoots alike together if mankind has a chance of surviving.

Here are the book titles for the series:
Book 1: Offshoots
Book 2: Altered
Book 3: Makers
Book 4: Evolved

And here's the first attempt at a summary for book 1:

Maggie and Heath won't be finishing high school. Ever. The arrival of the Makers made sure of that. Their ships hovered above major cities, dispersing a bioweapon that transformed a subset of humanity into the Altered, mutated killing machines programmed to scrub clean all that remains of mankind. But the aliens miscalculated. A certain population didn't fully transform. These hybrids, Offshoots, must overcome the fear they inspire and use their special abilities to overthrow the aliens. Maggie and Heath are blessed and cursed to be the first of the Offshoots. They, along with others of their kind, must unite the scattered humans to fight back with them against the Makers and their engineered army, the Altered.

Alternating in publication with We Kill Humans will be the Here is Where I...series. This project will be about a side character who is thrust into the role of the hero and must become more than just a throwaway cast member. This project will be one I work on this spring. It's not as fully formed as We Kill Humans, but I want it to be my ode to snarky high school fantasy. I was always a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and that's where I see the feel of this project going. I really want to flex my sarcasm muscles and work my magic on teen angst, which I sometimes fear I still suffer from even as a so-called grown-up.

Tentative titles:
Book 1: Hero with a Big Sword
Book 2: Wizard Without a Wand
Book 3: Immortal Plus Baggage
Book 4: Monsters Take All

I am so excited about these two projects. You can also expect me to finish the Turncoats trilogy this year as well as deliver book 2 of Monsters in Boxers in early 2017.


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