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Posted on March 19, 2013

I regularly get asked now what age groups I am targeting with my books. Here's a rundown of my books so far. Truthfully, I try to write most from a Pixar perspective in that they are geared for a younger audience, but have layered details that will appeal to adults as well.

Go-For-It Gopher
Fourth grade and up. It's a send-up of superhero comics and diehard comic fans will love it alongside readers looking for the next step beyond Captain Underpants.

Jink's Journey
Fourth grade and up. The story was written to tie into the fifth grade Ecosystems curriculum. It's a great read aloud for fifth graders where the teacher can dovetail into discussions of carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores. It's got a heart and kids love the alien world setting.

Monsters in Boxers
Fourth grade and up. This is my most straight up kid empowerment novel. It's light and engaging.

Fifth grade and up. Mortal boys thrust into a magical world where more is going on than it seems. The magical hybrids get a lot of praise.

Stomper Rex
Fifth grade and up. Another tale of children thrust into a magical world. This one has special appeal for teachers as it can really help introduce a variety of writing tools such as: homophones, similes, rhymes and more.

Graham 1
Fourth grade and up. An excellent read aloud. Lots of heart!

Norton the Vampire
Fourth grade and up. Lots of memorable characters. Another great book with heart.

Graham 2
Fifth grade and up. A denser read than the first volume. Really expands the world and adds a female narrative to the mix with the addition of Flenn's part of the plot.

Irving Wishbutton
Sixth grade and up. My personal favorite and my most ambitious story. The unique way the narrative unfolds is clever and engaging. It is a very layered book with an ambitious goal for the whole series. Excited to start work on book two this summer.

Flame and Fortune
Sixth grade and up. My most straightforward fantasy. It's also got the most charming will-o'-wisp character around.

Ned Firebreak
Seventh grade and up. An ambitious fantasy mystery with my favorite cast of female characters ever.

Ninth grade and up. Really harrowing YA horror series. Working on book two this winter.

Comment by ZOMBIEPLACE on SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2013...
We are glad to feature your zombie book: "Overrun - Turncoats Book One" on our Site: www.zombieplace.com

Good luck with the book and have fun!

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