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Posted on October 10, 2016

Really making progress on The Powers That Flee. Have written 18,000 more words in six days. Here's a little glimpse at the brother/sister dynamic that is really emerging as a strong aspect of the story. It's happens at the end of Chapter 14.

It wasn't completely dark thanks to the moonlight streaming in from the yawning hole in the roof. He guided his sister to the driest section of hay. He towed several bales of it over and constructed a semi-wall around their sleeping spot. This slightly reduced the cool breeze whistling through the Swiss-cheese building. He let his sister squirm deep into the loose straw and then placed more on top of her, thinking it would provide some warmth.

He sat on a hay bale at her feet, staring at the unimpressive door they'd entered through.

Katie said, "You can't stay up all night."

"I have to. You'd be a terrible lookout."

She kicked him playfully in the ankle. "Okay, but if you fall asleep and wind up a pod person or something in the morning, I'm not gonna eat your chocolate chip pancakes or talk to you ever again."

He giggled. "I'll take that deal." He lowered his voice. "I won't let anything happen to you, Katie."

She closed her eyes and hugged herself tighter, wrinkling the iron-on decal of his favorite crossbow-wielding space ape. "I know you will, Darin Darin."


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