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Posted on May 6, 2013

Ned Firebreak makes its debut later this week and I wanted to throw some enticing tidbits out there to readers. Here are ten reasons why this book is for you.

10. It's a fantasy whodunit? Ned wakes up from a coma with certain memories missing. He then is thrust back into his life and must uncover those memories in order to thwart a terrible curse.

9. Not just one princess, but four. These ladies are not even close to damsels in distress. Lil, Tekka, Kalabeth, and Stacia are a rambunctious bunch! Where most heroes have to contend with one fair maiden, Ned must deal with four. Bring on the romantic shenanigans!

8. I wrote my heart out. This novel has more skill, imagination and finesse than all my books so far. Not to take away from any of my other books, but this one is the most fine-tuned of them all. At least until I write the next one.

7. A talking tree steals every scene. There's a delightful supporting character whose name I can't divulge as that's an important plot point. He's a saucy fellow with just a wonderful flair with the quips.

6. Pun magic! The Wizard Fairbanks wields the lowest form of magic – puns. Is he a help or a hindrance for Ned?

5. Not to kiss and tell, but this book has one of the best smooching scenes ever! And it's done to prevent the characters from plummeting to their deaths. Witness lip-smacking magic to the extreme!

4. Aunt Nance and Mink. Ned's aunt is quite the character and so is her sword.

3. A princess reservation. A place where fair maidens can run free, with no worries over being abducted by pesky dragons. Or is it?

2. Trademark Clopper wit and warmth. Amid all the action and romance, Ned Firebreak is filled with humorous charm and sincerity.

1. Glorious extras! Includes a bonus chapter and a behind-the -scenes section.


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