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Posted on July 24, 2012

Here are some fake reviews that I couldn't resist sharing.

"IRVING puts the much deserved spotlight on the under-appreciated garment fastener, the button. About time the button got its due. Imagine if the author had made Irving's magical item a zipper. IRVING WISHZIPPER just doesn't have the same zing."
Lyle Bergman, Founder of The Button Aficionados Society

"This book puts the support into supporting characters. Irving doesn't know how good he has it with Roon and Sarya having his back. Plus, it looks like one of them might end up being a love interest for our hero. I'm in."
Cindy Lassiter, Eager Beaver YA Reader

"I enjoyed Gared the Golden Knight. What a great talent he has. An actual silver tongue that makes any monster near him do his bidding. Man, what I wouldn't give for a tongue like that to sway my constituents."
Senator Kelly Armbuster, career politician and proud of it

"Big fan of talking inanimate objects. Love Irving's roommate being a hotheaded pile of ash. And the wise lamppost that helps steer our hero in the right direction is a real bright spot in the book."
Claud, the Talking Bookshelf

"I love the author's creativity with the characters and their personalities. Irving is a vibrant young boy who enjoys adventuring at the fantasy school and meeting very unique characters. This book will push all the right buttons."
Amy, the most talkative girl on Earth and Brian's clever daughter

"IRVING has a cornucopia of fantastic character names and charming chapter titles."
Reynold Wilkins, president of Appealing Appellations Association

"It's rare when a book chooses to showcase the talents of such an underutilized group. Clopper's reverence for the genius that lies in the aunts of the world is wonderful to see. Aunt Nance steals the show when Irving visits the Office of Fine Aunts. I demand a spinoff series just for the ladies toiling in that office."
Aunt Ursula, code name for one of Brian's real aunts possibly


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