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Posted on July 23, 2012

Here are some quotes from different cast members. Thought it might be neat to reveal their perspectives on matters through a single quote pulled from the book.

Dean Harmstrike talking to Irving after he makes a mess of the Office of Fine Aunts:

He turned and glared at me. "Oh, I didn't say you were. You're a hero. There's no doubt in my mind, you're a hero. I was talking about your aptitude as a student. Young Master Wishbutton, you need to be one of the good ones. You don't want to suffer from poor judgment."

Gared the Golden Knight upon meeting irving for the first time:

He presented himself, holding his chin up. He looked me over. "Ah, the button boy. I've heard of you. Made quite a show at administration. Heard Harmstrike had to intervene." He leaned closer and whispered, "You know, a true hero cleans up his own mess."

Irving's roommate, an animated pile of ash sets the record straight with him:

"Listen up, smudge. I don't want to hear about your name. I don't want you blathering on and on about your self-discoveries; how it just dawned on you that you're a hero because of how your father treated you as a kid or how your family owns a sizeable tract of land in East Buddletuck." It drew closer. "I don't want to hear about what happened in your classes or who asked you to a picnic lunch on the mall."

Roon Umberdare gets a little testy with Irving:

"Keep my brother out of this! He's not here because he thinks you're not worth the time. There's not much he and I disagree on, but there you are. I wanted to help you. He didn't. Our escort job was over the minute we dropped you off with the Fine Aunts." She took a deep breath, regaining her composure. Having ended the discussion of her family dynamic, she volunteered more details on my status. "You're a smudge. A lot of people avoid smudges. It's silly. I think it's because they think you're contagious."

Doctor Ringle addressing the first class where Irving is in attendance:

"Looks like most of you are fully formed. Hopefully, you find your housing to your liking. We have residences for heroes, villains, supporting, window dressing and family. Smudges have two houses, both are temporary. Once your appearance is realized by your author, you'll move on to your appropriate home. Smudges do attend regular classes, and I ask that everyone be patient with them. It takes a while to craft characters."

Lord Raggleswamp is all sorts of excited at the campus book store:

The villain said, "Hey, it appears we will have all our classes together. We're identical, Wishbutton! That's excellent. Clearly, you're a hero of some stature. Examining the classes from your perspective as well as my own villainous viewpoint will provide me multiple ways to take in the scholarly knowledge."


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