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Posted on January 13, 2012

Okay, so here's what's on my plate for the next six months.

TURNCOATS: Two edit pass-thrus are done, and I'll sit down next week and read the whole book through in four days to get the big picture of how it holds up. February is reserved for my beta-readers to get their mitts on the manuscript and give me feedback. March is the month I make corrections and then April is when I make the big push to send it out to agents. I have to confess I haven't pursued sending any queries for anything since last July. I'm hoping to query with much more vim and vigor this year.

GRAHAM 2: FLENN'S FOLLY: This sequel to GRAHAM is really exploding on the page. I plan on writing the book in January and February. It looks to be about 40,000 words and 5,000 are already done thanks to starting it this week. It's been a joy returning to these characters and I think readers will love seeing Graham sharing the spotlight with his sister on this much bigger adventure. Sure, our little gargoyle has taken his first flight, but he's soon discovering there's a whole wide world out there ready to swat him down just for looking at them funny. In April and May, I'll test-drive this manuscript by reading it to the class that is the authority on Graham's life, my current class. They love the little scamp and will be very pivotal to me fine-tuning the book. May will have it go out to my beta-readers and then final edits will be in June. My plan is to debut it as an e-book on this site by the end of the summer. Liking this book so much that a third book might be waiting in the wings for early next year.

NED FIREBREAK: Lots of great ideas for this project are filling up my inspiration journal. The plan is to start this in April and finish it by December. It's going to be a really fun project with vivid characters that will rewire the damsel-in-distress/knight-to-the-rescue genre.

Along the way, I plan on final edits to STOMPER REX so it can also be added to the website as an e-book. Look for that in the summer.

Up next: An exclusive preview of the first three chapters of GRAHAM 2.


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