Randall Flood: Bring on The Magic29,846 words written so far (about 50% complete)
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We Kill Humans Book 1
Published 15th March, 2016
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Maggie and Heath wonít be finishing high school. Ever. The arrival of the Makers made sure of that. Their ships hovered above major cities, dispersing a bioweapon that transformed a subset of humanity into the Altered, mutated killing machines programmed to scrub clean all that remains of mankind. But the aliens miscalculated. A certain population didnít fully transform. These hybrids, Offshoots, must overcome the fear they inspire and use their special abilities to overthrow the aliens. Maggie and Heath are blessed and cursed to be the first of the Offshoots. They, along with others of their kind, must unite the scattered humans to fight back with them against the Makers and their engineered army, the Altered. A fast-paced alien invasion epic begins here!

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