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Posted on April 18, 2014

The official books in the Turncoats series are: Overrun, Overwhelmed, and Overthrown.

The possibilities for follow-up books to this series are endless. Here are a few for your amusement:

Overturned- Zombies in the courtroom! The undead going at it with a hankering for justice! Picture a gruesome bloated zombie decked out in its robes wielding its gavel with appropriate judgmental oversight.

Overeasy- A bucolic zombie parable about an egg farm far removed from the zombie outbreak. Life is simple and quaint for the lead, a farmer, until his life is turned upside down when his hens become infected and transform into undead pecking machines of doom.

Overanalyzed- The zombie outbreak shown from the point of view of a few attendees at a regional psychiatric convention.

Overachieved- Students at a gifted and talented boarding school fend off hordes of sub-literate zombies.

Overacted- This time, the undead coming at us talk. What they speak is ever so much more terrifying than what they do with their teeth. That's right. The zombies utter bad Shakespeare. They mangle the bard as they mangle you.

Overfed- The zombies have exceeded their daily caloric intake and now waddle after their victims. That's what binge eating gets you, fellas. Humanity makes short work of the chubby cannibals.

Overdue- With zombies trying to get in, things suddenly get real for six teens trapped in a public library. Think The Breakfast Club where the teens are the breakfast.

Overtaxed- The heroes of the day are IRS auditors. Witness bold takedowns of zombies through paperwork and odd bylaws.

Overcast- Dane Hurricane is a washed up meteorologist who suddenly holds the key to defeating the zombies thanks to his much maligned weather invention.

Overboard- No Goldie Hawn or Kurt Russell in this one. Just a rowdy time with zombies on a tugboat.

Look for more to come. Feel free to toss in some of your own. There are a ton of words that begin with over!

Comment by KEITH ROBINSON on FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014...
Love it!

Overwrought is where the zombies come at you wringing their hands and mumbling anxiously.

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