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Posted on May 24, 2014

I had a great idea for a collection of short stories I would want to do: Apartment Dragon and other Magical Tenants of Building 667. All the creatures listed below would live in this one building, businesses on the first floor and renters on the other floors. It would be silly and biting. The first two summaries are just crude attempts. I suspect the actual final pieces to be wildly different, but they do give you a sense of the overall tone.

Apartment Dragon – Whimsy the Taciturn is a dragon who has had his fill of conversation. All the other dragons in the kingdom are windbags. Talking about past glories and conquests while Whimsy would much rather attend to his latest obsession: game shows. He avows to no longer go to work guarding treasure. Instead he becomes a shut-in, lounging around in his apartment and defending the memory of his DVR by never letting it get above 50 percent. He grows quite obsessed with his dedication to watch all the new game shows filling up his DVR that he really lets himself go. When he is visited by a fairy named Gallant, his world is turned upside down and inside out. And even a few throw pillows go missing. Can Whimsy find his purpose in life? Will our apartment dragon ever track down his missing pillows?

Backyard Human – Milo Schneckel is cursed to live in a backyard. Never cross a gypsy. How was he to know the odd lady who he had chased off for daring to sell pickles in front of his house was a wanderer and steeped in magic, specifically how to hex annoying humans? Now he must pitch a tent and live out his days in the backyard of a strange building, Building 667. His life becomes vastly more interesting when a devilish plant begins to grow and grow and grow. Where will this rampant enthusiast of photosynthesis take brave Milo? Certainly not out of his confining backyard. Or could it?

Penthouse Ogre

Basement Vampire

Gym Imp

Pub Genie

Closet Zombie

Stairwell Mummy

Foyer Fiend

Front Stoop Ghoul

What do you think?

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