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Posted on June 15, 2014

I ran a free promo with bookgorilla recently, offering The Questing Academy for free. It's the first book in the Irving Wishbutton saga and I wanted to see if setting it loose for free would bring in readers for the just released second book, The Revision Ravine.

It brought in my best downloads for a free promo so far. And sales of the second book started a nice steady uptick. Not only that, but three more five-star reviews showed up on Amazon within two weeks. Yea!

And Piers Anthony is giving the second book a glowing review in his next website newsletter.

I am very excited to do another round of promoting the series toward the end of the year and will be jumping into writing the third book in early Spring of 2015.

If you are a new reader who is visiting this site as a result of trying Irving, thanks so much for taking a chance on my work. Below are the four covers for the series. While you wait for the third book, might I suggest giving Ned Firebreak or the Graham series a go?

In other good news, Keith Robinson, my collaborator on the Fractured series has told me that sales on that book jumped in May and are poised to double that number in June. That's great news!

Anyway, off to work more on my zombie series. Thanks again for all your kind support.

Comment by KAITLYN COPELAND on MONDAY, JUNE 30, 2014...
I have always love your creative drawing. And you have been a creative teacher and neighbor. I have a question....... What books are on the Kindle?
Comment by BRIAN CLOPPER on TUESDAY, JULY 1, 2014...
All my books are available on the kindle. Wonderstorms and Fractured are also available on the Nook and the Kindle.

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