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Posted on June 22, 2013

While the mice were away, this writer played.

Well, I work resumed on Graham 3 this weekend. My family took a trip without me, leaving me a day and a hlaf to write. What did I do with that long block of time? I wrote 5,191 words of Graham 3.

It was so exciting! I found myself plunged back into his world. The world-building fell into place with sly precision. Wait until you see the carming lamposts hat line the streets of New Asgard. I was also surprised at the trouble Graham got into at the Institute and the depth of characterization that was emerging for the l cast at large. Flenn is coming alive. Ot is getting his time to shine. Headmaster/Headmistress Culpeper is getting fleshed out and Blord is showing true nuance, if not compassion just yet. And wait until you meet Cassie and Muraina – divisive classmates to be sure.

And Graham's dad, well, he continues to be a mirror for me to examine my relationship with my own father. Man, don't you love giddy fantasy stories that run deep with real-life parallels?

This was a special treat. Major work will resume on Graham 3 on July 5. That day will begin my intense three-week writing focus on getting the first draft done.


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