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Posted on March 15, 2015

We Three Meet is being published today on Amazon and numerous other e-book platforms. It was written by me, but I used the pen name of D. Spangler. It's a romantic comedy that harkens back to the films of the '80s like Say Anything, Sleepless in Seattle, and He Said, She Said.

I'm really proud of this book because it's my first story without monsters and aliens. It's got real people stumbling through love with the help and hindrance of an omniscient and nosy narrator.

Synopsis: Sebastian and Brooke find their lives upended when they become aware that they're characters in a novel. With the writer watching over them, manipulating forces to drive them together, each responds differently to the narrative intrusion. Will the path they take be one forged together or will the writer drive a wedge between them? This metafiction romance is D. Spangler's debut novel.

Here's the cover done by Keith Robinson.

And here are the original photos off of Bigstock.com that he used:

And here's an image that I was considering for Brooke:

Comment by KEITH ROBINSON on SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015...
I admire you for branching out and trying something new. As it happens, you succeeded! It's a great book, and you really showed that you have the necessary romantic chops.

I see the book is now published on Amazon, and I posted my review there. Congrats!
Comment by BRIAN CLOPPER on TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 2015...
Thanks so much. I was a bit nervous that I was out of my element with the genre but really see the charm in the type of story I ultimately fashioned.

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