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Posted on November 25, 2017

I want you to buy Ghost Coast.

This novel is about so much more than ghosts―hot sand, Fisher's Popcorn, Ocean City, Maryland, blue crabs, memories, cancer, OCD, mean cousins, bayside trailer park living, loss, reunions, and spirits galore.

Quite a lot to throw into the narrative blender and have make sense. I'm telling you, after rereading the book in a fast-paced session, it delivers and delivers with grace and heart. There are many mysteries that are introduced, woven in and out of each other, and then brought to a resolution by the end. I'm so pleased with the complexity of this story. I'm also digging how it allowed me to revisit my childhood but in a different way than The Powers That Flee. Where that novel celebrated unbridled nerdom, this one captures a general vibe of teen and family awkwardness that scratched a different itch for me.

Ghost Coast is my second book to take place in the eighties, the summer of 1988 to be exact.

A sidenote, the book deals with a death in the family and celebrates the power embedded in memories. During the time I wrote Ghost Coast, my 102-year-old grandmother passed and my dad had multiple health scares. I embraced these life events not from a place of sorrow but from looking back at the memories associated with both. It made me appreciate the power of family and allowed me to continue seeing the bright side of a world that constantly wants us to embrace the gloom and doom. This positive philosophy is in the DNA of Ghost Coast and many of my other novels. I can't help greet challenges with a determined smile, something Reece Narrows begins to appreciate by the end of the novel. He didn't start with a cheery perspective on life and the beyond, but he evolved with the help of some standout cast mates. Where he stands in the end is evidence of his mundane and magical transformation.

So this is me, an author, asking a discerning audience with so many entertainment diversions at your fingertips, you, to take a chance on a little book you likely haven't heard boo about, Ghost Coast.

One more thing, this sucker even offers an answer to the historic mystery of Roanoke, the Lost Colony. That alone should be worth the price of admission.


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